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Vintage T-Shirts

Vintage t-shirts are a special thing. For a t-shirt to stay in good condition is a pretty hard thing. You can imagine, you wore your favorite t-shirt for a couple of years. After a few years it turned into your exercise t-shirt, then it became your sleeping t-shirt and then it became a dirty oil cloth. Therefore, vintage t-shirts are quite rare. Within the category of vintage t-shirts there are some interesting factors. For example: Vintage single stitch t-shirts.

Vintage Single Stitch T-Shirts

Vintage single stitch t-shirts refer to the finishing on the hem of the vintage t-shirt. Look at the t-shirts that you've bought recently. Check the end of the sleeve. Do you see this parallel line of stitching to finish the sleeve opening? This is double stitching and it is the way 99% of all modern t-shirts are finished. But there was a different way. Starting in the 50's until the late 90's, the USA produced their t-shirts themselves. You can already guess, these t-shirts were single stitched. When massive clothing production moved away from the USA, single stitched t-shirts were no longer produced. Therefore, single stiching in combination with a tag that says "Made in the USA" is a reliable way of dating vintage t-shirts. Very known brands for vintage single stitch t-shirts are Fruit of the LoomScreenstars, Oneita, Hanes , and Anvil.
Vintage Single Stitch T-Shirt Hanes Oneita

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