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Vintage Ralph Lauren

At The Mean Vintage Club we love vintage Ralph Lauren. Ralph Lauren has to be one of the best lifestyle brands in the world. Whether you like vintage Ralph Lauren knitwear, vintage Polo Ralph Lauren, vintage Ralph Lauren jackets, or vintage Ralph Lauren sweaters, you can find it at The Mean Vintage Club.

We try to curate the best selection of vintage Ralph Lauren for you. We like vintage Ralph Lauren's old money style. This features big vintage Ralph Lauren sweaters or vintage Ralph Lauren knitwear. Maybe we have some good vintage Ralph Lauren harrington jackets in stock as well.

Or if you prefer the more preppy vintage Ralph Lauren style, we can make you happy with vintage Ralph Lauren flag sweaters, which we have in our vintage Ralph Lauren assortment regularly.

Loyal Ralph Lauren customers know, that Ralph Lauren looks closely at vintage when designing for Ralph Lauren. Especially if you look at the more expensive Polo Ralph Lauren items, or the RRL collection. This is one of the reasons The Mean Vintage Club likes vintage Ralph Lauren or non-vintage Ralph Lauren, because it has the vintage love in it. Finding vintage Polo Ralph Lauren or second hand Polo Ralph Lauren is of course easier than finding Ralph Lauren RRL, but sometimes we also have a Ralph Lauren RRL piece in our assortment

Vintage Ralph Lauren Sweater

Vintage Ralph Lauren sweaters are by far the most popular part of vintage Ralph Lauren. Great examples of popular vintage Ralph Lauren sweaters are the Ralph Lauren 1/4 zip Ralph Lauren sweater, the Ralph Lauren cable knit sweater and the Ralph Lauren flag sweater. Next to these popular vintage Ralph Lauren sweater styles, The Mean Vintage Club always tries to look for more. So next to vintage Ralph Lauren 1/4 zip sweaters, vintage Ralph Lauren cable knit sweaters and vintage Ralph Lauren flag sweaters, we look for beautiful vintage Ralph Lauren heavy knitted sweaters, vintage Ralph Lauren cashmere sweaters, vintage Ralph Lauren Fair Isle sweaters. Or if we're feeling lucky, Vintage Ralph Lauren RRL sweaters.       

Vintage Sweaters Made in the USA

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