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Since 1901, Hanes is one of the biggest clothing manufacturers for clothing blanks. Nowadays, Hanes is also the parent company of Champion, one of the brands that we love to sell. As Hanes produces since 1901, a great deal of vintage clothing by Hanes can be found. Hanes is like Screenstars and Fruit of the Loom a clothing manufacturer that produces blanks. People could buy sweaters and t-shirts, and print or embroider their own designs on it. This lead to a very big variation of vintage sweaters and vintage single stitch t-shirts by Hanes that can be found nowdays. Vintage sweaters and vintage single stitch t-shirts by Hanes is therefore something that we're always looking for.

Dating Vintage Hanes Single Stitch T-Shirts & Sweaters

Dating a vintage Hanes single stitch t-shirt or a vintage Hanes sweater can be done easily by doing research on Hanes tag history. Doing research on Hanes' tag history can te;ll you a lot, as Hanes changed their tag a lot over the years. A simple google can tell you if your vintage Hanes sweater or vintage Hanes single stitch t-shirt was made in the 40's, 50's, 60's, 70's, 80's or 90's.
Vintage Sweaters Made in the USA

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