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Vintage Archive

Welcome to our vintage archive. At this point, it's not a lot, but we're working on it. In our archive you can find rare pieces of vintage clothing, or not so rare vintage pieces of vintage clothing. We have a strong love for vintage Champion. Allthough we have to sell some of course, to make you happy too, we also keep some pieces that we find special. For us it's mostly about the age of the vintage clothing piece, or maybe the graphic of a vintage clothing pieces. This mostly counts for vintage single stitch t-shirts, as you can find the most amazing graphics right there.

Vintage clothing pieces that we collect, are mostly always made in USA clothing pieces. This is where our passion lies, and we hope to inspire you with this. In our vintage archive you can find made in the USA single stitched t-shirts, vintage letterman sweaters by Champion or other knitting mills.

Of course, we sell made in the USA vintage too. Click here to see what we made in USA vintage we can offer you!

Vintage Sweaters Made in the USA

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The Mean Vintage Club is the webshop for vintage and second hand clothing. Based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, a true vintage lover brings you the finest selection of vintage t-shirts, vintage sweatersvintage trousers and vintage jackets. Ranging from vintage Nike sweaters and vintage single stitch t-shirts to vintage Carhartt workwear pants and vintage varsity jackets.