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Vintage Clothing

Vintage is officially clothing that is at least 20 years old. Officially, vintage clothing was originally vintage workwear, vintage military clothing and vintage sportswear. In the current days, the term vintage is used in a broader sense by many people. For true collectors, vintage clothing is still vintage workwear, vintage military clothing and vintage sportswear. The Mean Vintage Club tries to avoid using vintage in a broader sense, but we think vintage is more than vintage workwear, vintage military clothing and vintage sportswear. Vintage single stitch t-shirts are a good example of what we think is also vintage. The Mean Vintage Club draws the line at clothing that is of high quality and at least 20 years old. We try to source vintage that is made in USA, such as vintage single stitch t-shirts. But also vintage workwear and vintage sportswear that is made in the USA. At The Mean Vintage Club, we try to source the best vintage sweatersvintage hoodiesvintage jacketsvintage single stitch t-shirts and vintage pants.

Single Stitch T-Shirts

Single stitch vintage t-shirts refers to the finishing on the hem of the vintage t-shirt. Look at the t-shirts that you've bought recently. Check the end of the sleeve. Do you see this parallel line of stitching to finish the sleeve opening? This is double stitching and it is the way 99% of all modern t-shirts are finished. But there was a different way. Starting in the 50's until the late 90's, the USA produced their t-shirts themselves. You can already guess, these t-shirts were single stitched. When massive clothing production moved away from the USA, single stitched t-shirts were no longer produced, with a few exceptions. Therefore, single stiching in combination with a tag that says "Made in the USA" is a reliable way of dating vintage single stitch t-shirts. Tag history of brands such as ScreenstarsHanes, Oneita, Fruit of the Loom and Delta can tell you also more about the age of a single stitched t-shirt.

Vintage Sportswear

Vintage sportswear is one of the key categories of vintage clothing. Brands such as Nikeadidas and Champion are examples of brands that The Mean Vintage Club is always looking for. Vintage sportswear that is made in USA is something you can find at The Mean Vintage Club. Vintage Champion Reverse Weave sweaters or vintage Nike sweaters are best sellers. Looking for a vintage Nike sweatervintage adidas sweater or vintage Champion sweater? Browse the brand pages or check all vintage hoodies en vintage sweaters.
Vintage Sweaters Made in the USA

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