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At At Mean Vintage Club we love vintage Champion. Champion has to be one of the best sportswear brands in the world. Whether you like vintage Champion Reverse Weave sweaters, vintage Champion letterman jackets and sweaters, vintage Champion t-shirts, or vintage Champion sweaters, you can find it at The Mean Vintage Club.

We try to curate the best selection of vintage Champion for you. Champion started their company in 1919. Champion therefore already exists for more than 100 years. Since the beginning Champion produced in the USA, until 1996. This means there is a rich history of vintage Champion items that are made in the USA. If you're looking for more vintage made in the USA items, click here.

Champion Vintage Sweater

Champion started a knitting mill back in 1919. Since the start, they have been making sweaters. Therefore, it's very likely you can find a Champion vintage sweater. Many sellers brand a Champion sweater as vintage, even though it's not really a Champion vintage sweater. It's basically very simple. Is the Champion vintage sweater made in the USA? Than it's 99% sure it's Champion vintage sweater. Champion sweaters that are produced for example in Vietnam, are not vintage, but made somewhere in the last 10 years. Yet, if your Champion vintage sweater has a logo with a running man on it, there is a chance there is no production country there. But these sweaters are really rare. We have one in our archive You can check it out here. We hope we can make you happy with a Champion vintage sweater!

Champion Vintage Jacket

Next to a Champion vintage sweater, a Champion vintage jacket is also very popular. A Champion vintage jacket can come in many forms, but the most sought after is of course a vintage Champion varsity jacket. Of course we're talking about a made in USA vintage Champion varsity jacket. With a vintage Champion varsity jacket, you can show your support for an American sports team, American univsersity or American high school. Especially many American high schools had jackets for their students. At The Mean Vintage Club, we always look for a Champion vintage jacket. Hopefully we can make you happy with a Champion vintage jacket, varsity or something else!
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