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At The Mean Vintage Club we love vintage Cahartt. Carhartt has to be one of the best workwear brands in the world. Whether you like vintage Carhartt jackets, such as a vintage Carhartt Detroit jacket or a vintage Carhartt Santa Fe jacket, we've got you covered at The Mean Vintage Club. Next to vintage Carhartt jackets, vintage Carhartt pants never disappoints. We like vintage Carhartt double knee pants, vintage Carhartt single knee pants and vintage Carhartt shorts. If you need vintage Carhartt flame resistant items, we have some for you as well.

We try to curate the best selection of vintage Carhartt for you! The finest pieces of vintage Carhartt are of course vintage Carhartt workwear items that are made in the USA. Next to vintage Carhartt that is made in the USA, The Mean Vintage Club sells more made in the USA products. Click here to view all of our vintage made in the USA products.

The Carhartt Michigan jacket and the Carhartt Detroit jacket have their names for a reason. The original workwear brand Carhartt, and not Carhartt WIP, was founded in 1889 in Detroit, Michigan in the US. Carhartt was originally made for rail workers, but soon there was a demand for more workwear from Carhartt. Since then, Carhartt has grown into one of the most famous American workwear brands, next to Dickies, for example. Carhartt products are known to last a very long time. For example, you also have Carhartt FR, or Carhartt Flame Resistant. Carhartt was made in the US for a very long time. We like to find vintage Carhartt that is made in the USA. This is often accompanied by a “Crafted with Pride” logo, or “Union Made”. Because we are enthusiasts of vintage workwear, vintage Carhartt clothing cannot be missing from our range.

In the 1990s, demand for Carhartt came from Europe. Edwin Faeh is therefore introducing Carhartt in Europe under the name Carhartt WIP (Work in Progress). In 1997 the first Carhartt WIP store opens in London. Many people actually immediately think of Carhartt WIP when they think of Carhartt, without realizing that it is not actually 100% the same brand. Under Carhartt WIP you can find many streetwear styles nowadays. Carhartt, on the other hand, still makes real workwear.


Vintage Carhartt Jacket

A vintage Carhartt jacket is a staple for many vintage Carhartt and vintage workwear enthousiasts. Vintage Carhartt jackets are often very strong, and warm too. Classics are for example blanket lined. Great vintage Carhartt jackets are the vintage Carhartt Detroit jacket, vintage Carhartt Michigan jacket and the vintage Carhartt Santa Fe jacket. These jackets often also have a nice corduroy collar. What we always find special about a vintage Carhartt jacket, in addition to a blank lined, or the beautiful corduroy collar, are the large strong buttons. With a vintage Carhartt Michigan jacket, the entire closure is even with buttons. But in addition, a vintage Carhartt Detroit jacket also has these same beautiful buttons, often at the waist and sleeve opening. Every vintage Carhartt jacket we sell is unique. They are often so worn that no one is the same. Therefore, find your unique vintage Carhartt jacket at The Mean Vintage Club!

Carhartt Double Knee

In addition to the Carhartt jacket, the Carhartt double knee is another very popular Carhartt workwear item. The Carhartt double knee is a pair of trousers that have a second layer of fabric at the front to prevent holes in the trousers. These trousers were often worn because they lasted extra long. Just like with a vintage Carhartt jacket, no vintage Carhartt double knee is often the same. Often they are worn by workers such as carpenters or painters. This gives you the most special wear and tear on vintage pants. They almost never break. A Carhartt double knee is virtually indestructible. A vintage Carhartt double knee is indispensable in workwear and therefore very often in our range. The Mean Vintage Club loves the vintage Carhartt double knee because of its durability, wide legs and the metal studs that a vintage Carhartt double knee often has. When we find a vintage Carhartt double knee made in the USA, it makes us extra happy.
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