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Vintage Pants, Vintage Trousers and Vintage Shorts

To make your vintage wardrobe complete, you need vintage trousers next to your vintage jacket, vintage t-shirt and vintage sweater. Vintage trousers come in many categories. Think of vintage Ralph Lauren corduroy trousers, vintage Levi's jeans, vintage Carhartt workwear pants and vintage Dickies workwear pants.

Vintage Workwear Pants

Vintage workwear pants are vintage classics. Carhartt and Dickies are big suppliers of vintage workwear pants. Think of vintage Carhartt double knee pants, vintage Carhartt single knee pants, vintage Dickies double knee pants and vintage Dickies single knee pants. These pants are often made of high quality cotton fabric called Duck Canvas. Vintage Carhartt double knee pants are the most popular type of vintage workwear pants. The Mean Vintage Club always looks for vintage Carhartt double knee's, and tries to always have vintage Carhartt double knee's in stock.

Vintage Denim

Vintage jeans are the holy grail of vintage pants. Vintage Levi's jeans are best example. Collectors pay thousands of Euro's for vintage Levi's jeans and vintage Levi's jackets. People look for the Big E on the Red Tab. Next to the Big E, vintage Levi's have selvedge denim, which is an important factor of vintage denim and modern denim. Next to vintage Levi's, there are more brands to look out for when buying vintage denim. Wrangler and Lee are good examples. The Mean Vintage Club always looks for vintage Levi's, vintage Lee and vintage Wrangler.
Vintage Sweaters Made in the USA

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