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The goal of The Mean Vintage Club is to present your best quality vintage clothing on one platform. At The Mean Vintage Club we offer you everything that could fall under vintage streetwear clothing. But we don't like to keep everything in one description. If we see a vintage piece of clothing that is available, we will make sure that you can buy it in our webshop. We pay attention to unique fabrics, very strong fabrics or very delicate. That's why we've got a vintage Carhartt coat that's hard to break, and a 1970s lace shirt that's a bit more delicate.

Our certainty and selection hopes to make us the best vintage webshop in the Netherlands. You will always find vintage clothing here that you can expect from us, such as clothing from brands such as Nike, Carhartt, Ralph Lauren and Dickies. And of course the vintage clothing with the categories you can expect, such as vintage single stitch t-shirts, vintage workwear and vintage sportswear.

We choose vintage clothing because it is a more sustainable choice, but also because it gives a unique outfit. Small chance that you will meet someone who has the same sweater. In addition, the vintage clothing that we select is of high quality. It is also not without reason that these clothes are still in good condition after 20-30-40 years.

Vintage Sweater

At The Mean Vintage Club, we sell vintage in all categories, but the vintage sweater is without a doubt the most popular category. And that's no surprise. You can score a vintage sweater that is more beautiful and of higher quality than a new brand sweater, and that for a lower price.

A vintage sweater from the 90s or 80s is the perfect way to add a unique touch to your wardrobe. We specialize in these time period sweaters, often made in the United States. This creates an authentic appearance and unique designs, specially crafted with attention to detail.

Our selection of vintage sweaters is specially curated for lovers of vintage fashion from the 90s and 80s. Occasionally, we also have a sweater from the 70s, but they are rarer. These sweaters are unique and provide a story and sense of authenticity. By wearing a vintage sweater from the 90s or 80s, you show that you're not afraid to experiment with fashion and that you're not afraid to wear something different from the masses.

There is a growing demand for vintage clothing made in the United States, particularly vintage workwear, vintage sportswear, and vintage streetwear. Our selection of sweaters from the 90s and 80s, often made in the United States, meets this demand and offers unique designs that can't be found in regular stores.

Our vintage sweaters are not just a fashion accessory, but also a statement. By choosing a vintage sweater from the 90s or 80s, you're supporting not just the slow fashion movement, but also the reuse of existing materials. If you're looking for a unique and stylish addition to your wardrobe, a vintage sweater from the 90s or 80s is an excellent choice.

Whether you're going for a casual or formal look, a vintage sweater always fits. Its timeless appearance will never go out of style. So what are you waiting for? Look for your perfect vintage sweater from the 90s or 80s with us!

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